The 8000 mAh capacity power bank specifically designed for outdoor use, can be used to charge any additional accessories, including telephones, tablets, cameras or other smart devices.

The Solar Charger contains 32 built-in LED lamps, so you do not have to worry after dark. Thanks to its exquisite power, it can even illuminate up to 30 meters in length. Built-in LEDs can light up in a variety of operating modes, 100% brightness, 25% brightness, warning flashing light, SOS flashing light. The carabiner can even hold up the device. It also has a silicone case that makes it more resistant to dust or splashing water while protecting the solar panel when the device is not in use.

There are two USB ports on the S8000 that allow two devices to be charged in parallel. Thanks to the 8000mAh capacity, several device can be charged.

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