The Alcor Handy is a SIM-lock free mobile phone designed for reliability and ease of use. In addition to the device, there are several useful accessories; the box includes a dock, a USB cable, and a network charger. The dock also functions as a charger.

The extremely practical and convenient device with a clamshell flip phone design. It is easy-to-handle, it also has large buttons and can accept two SIM cards.

Its 2.4-inch color TFT screen is easy to read and the menu of the phone is very simple and easy to use.

The mobile also has an extra built-in function like the SOS button. When activated, then pressing it for a long time, it sends an alarm to the pre-defined phone numbers. You can set 5 numbers that are called by the phone. If you reject the call, it automatically dials the number you have set for the second place, and so on. You can also activate a customizable SMS message if you want to send the alarm. This will send the emergency message to each phone number that you set.

By pushing the flashlight icon, you can direct the light source to the location you want, which is really good when you're in the dark.

Alcor Handy comes with FM radio, so you can listen to music on your device, and it is not necessary to connect a headset to the device.

It's a great choice for those who did not like smartphones, but we also recommend it to the older age group.

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