Cloudbook notebooks

Light-weight and compact Cloudbook has all the features you can expect from a laptop. 4GB memory, quad-core Intel Atom processor, HDD or SSD expansion option and pre-installed Windows 10 operating system make it an extremely versatile machine.

Alcor Access Q784C.png


See the world through Alcor tablets. Powerful yet easy and comfortable to use. Choose from our tablets.


E-book readers

Enter the world of e-book readers. Up to 1000 books on one device. Forget carry your books, try Alcor's e-book readers.


Smart watches, activity trackers

Use activity trackers to keep track your activities throughout the day. You can also collect data from steps taken during the day, workout efficiency, and even sleep quality.


Mobile phones

Simple and convenient mobile phone for those who are looking for easy-to-use devices. Even though the device is simple, it has many extra features that everyone will like.

Alcor H20000.png

Portable emergency chargers

Our smartphones and tablets became part of our everyday life. Do not miss anything, charge your devices with Alcor's portable emergency chargers!

Alcor VR Plus szemüveg.png

VR headsets

Experience the virtual reality in your home! VR headsets that you can use with your smartphone now bring you the amazing world of 3D videos and games.

Alcor W500-TP.png


Computer and tablet accessories for a convenient work and to protect your device. Wireless keyboards and different kind of tablet cases with keyboard.

  • 9 év
  • 125 termék
  • 1M db
  • 500+ áruház


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