HDD/SSD expansion

The device is supporting the 7 mm profile height HDDs and SSDs. Older, higher profile devices may not be able to access the extender.

Information about warranty acceptance of pixel defects in the LCD display

Pixel defects in the display are handled according to industry standards, in accordance with the second class of ISO 13406-2 standard, which means that out of maximum of 1 million pixels

  • 2 permanently white (light) (type 1),
  • 2 always black (dark) (type 2),
  • 5 subpixel (RGB is wrong - one of the red / green / blue components of that pixel has defect, type 3)

pixel, the LCD panel can not be considered as defective.

Windows 10 support

For information about the Windows 10 operating system installed on your device, please visit the Microsoft Windows 10 Support page.